Consulting Services

On-Site Consultations

We will meet with you at your home or business to conduct a site survey and discuss your wants and needs.  
We will discuss any issues or concerns that you may have with your existing landscape, and provide you with insight, ideas, and recommendations to fulfill your wants and needs.

On-Site Consultations may include:

         - Discuss and evaluate landscape and garden ideas and potentials.

          - Examine and identify existing plants including trees, shrubs, perennials, and weeds.

          - Examine and identify pest and disease problems and discuss solutions for control.

          - Identify poisonous and invasive plant species and discuss how to reduce

   or eliminate them.

          - Address drainage issues and discuss solutions.

          - Take measurements and calculations for plans and implementation.

On-Site Consultations may be a one-time meeting, or may consist of follow-up, routine, or project based meetings.

Gardener Training/Mentoring

We can help empower you with the skills and knowledge necessary to "do-it-yourself" garden and landscape maintenance and management.  We will teach you essential horticultural skills including: proper pruning, planting, mulching, pest control, fertilizing, and more.  This service is for individuals or small groups and takes place at your landscape or garden site.

Planning Services
Whether you need a small garden design, or a complete landscape plan, we can provide you with the details to fulfill your wants and needs.

Photo Concept Garden Plan

During or after an on-site consultation, using photos and measurements that we take of your site, we will compose a 3D design that will indicate what the landscape or garden will look like once installed, and provide you with a plant and materials list.  This service is recommended for small landscape garden additions and re-designs.

Landscape Blueprint Plan

After an on-site consultation, using photos and measurements that we take of your site, and based on your wants and needs, we will draft a design plan along with the plant and materials list.  In addition to a hard copy of the plan, you will receive electronic copies of all printable materials, including information for the care and management of plant materials included in the design.  Once the design is drafted we will meet with you on-site for a preliminary presentation, and if needed make changes before your final design presentation.

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